• We handle all accounting requirements by the most up to date computer programs to ensure you the accuracy on figures as well as reporting to you your business financial status on monthly basis. You will always be updated.
  • Consultancy on tax problems, tax preparation as required by law and submit all monthly tax forms to the Revenue Department on your behalf on the following;

–  Personal Income Tax Returns from monthly salary (PNGD 1)

–  Individual and Corporate tax withhold (PNGD 3, 53)

–  Value added Tax (PP 30) and prepare sales and purchases reports

  • Most importantly, we will forecast for you your profit from your business operation and submit such forecast to the Revenue Department (PNGD 51) in order to for you to grow your business or create tax shelters for your business.
  • We submit the necessary forms to the Department of Business Development i.e. SBC 3, List of names of shareholders (BOJ 5). These forms will also be submitted to the Ministry of Commerce.
  • We also handle individual income taxes for shops; forms PNGD 90, 91 and 94.